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Service Preventive Maintenance

We have a service department capable of making the necessary repairs for a good function of the instruments which we represent. We also count on stock of the principal elements which suffer.

However if after being checked in our service center, we can't repair it. We ask the manufacturer to repair the equipment as soon as possible. Our logistics and customs department Hill do all the necessary to shorten the time of the instruments to be sent and brought back at a low cost as well.

Our service Department will let you know about it before it is done so that you can approve of it or cancel the service.

Don't forget about the guarantee of the products that we offer, it is good for a year against all the manufacturing defects given by the manufacturer.

You must have the model, series number, and if possible, the date on which you bought the instrument handy so that we can give you a better service.

If the calibration needs to be checked by the suppliers in U.S.A., we offer you to give it back to you 3 weeks after we receive your equipment.

Consult with us for and adequate repair of your equipment.

E-mail: servicio@goliat.com.mx



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