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The objective in Goliat is to promote the instruments that the companies have trusted us in the Nacional Terrotory.

Our company offers the following services.


We have a metrology laboratory with high technology equipments and specialists where we offer the calibration of the following instruments.

  • Particle Counts
  • Anemometer of hot filament
  • Balometers

The service that we offer is for all brands and we are certified by the brand Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions as an Authorized Service Center of Maintenance and calibration for particle counts.

Our procedures are designed to improve the repetitive and accuracy of our instruments and have been Developer according to the standards for particle counter

JIS B9921
ASTM 328-98

And for the Anemometers or Hot Filament

ANZI / NCSL 2540-1

Service includes for all instruments:

To pick up the instrument if it is in the national territory in 24 hours. And if it is in another place, it is done by UPS and we pay for it.

  • To check the instrument
  • Instrument calibration
  • NIST calibration certificate
  • Equipment delivery in the user's address

Delivery Time.

Our delivery time is of 5 days from Monday to Friday if it is in the metropolitan area or 7 days from Monday to Friday for instruments which are from different places of the country.

If you have a Facility Monitoring System installed we offer the calibration for the airborne particle counters in site. Our staff will calibrate all the APCs of the FMS in your company so you don't need to ship and wait for them anylonger.

E-mail: servicio@goliat.com.mx



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